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Sean Behr, entrepreneur, CEO and founder of Zirx – the on-demand valet platform – created new territory to apply his leadership after participating in the Being A Leader And The Effective Exercise Of Leadership: An Ontological/Phenomenological Model course in Bermuda in October 2014.



“… I had all of the characteristics that someone would point to and say was leadership. I had the title, money, employees, and business authority but I did not feel like I was really exercising leadership. That is, I wasn’t actually creating anything new.”

“Out of my participation in the course, I decided it was time to go create another company.”

In the Being A Leader course, participants experience a transformation leaving them free the BE a leader and EFFECTIVELY exercise leadership as their natural self-expression – in any environment and no matter the conditions they are confronting. In fact, this promise is made to course participants by the course instructors: consultant and original thinker – Werner Erhard, Harvard Professor Emeritus – Michael Jensen, former US Military Captain and business consultant – Kari Granger (2008-2015), business consultant and author – Steve Zaffron (co-authored ‘The Three Laws of Performance: Rewriting The Future Of Organizations And Your Life‘, with Dave Logan), and retired California State Educational system provost – Jeri Echeverria.

The Being A Leader course is made up of 10+ years of work from this author/instructor group. Read more on Being A Leader course content.

Discover the Power of Your Leadership in One Week

The Being A Leader course is a graduate level program offered in a 7-day format for business, academic and community leaders. Find out about course offerings and register into the upcoming course (early registration discounts may apply!).

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