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A team of researchers from Oregon Health & Science University lead by Research Associate Professor, Dr. Nancy Carney and course instructors Dr. Jeri Echeverria, Werner Erhard, and Dr. Michael Jensen, have been conducting a study to assess and document the results people produce in their lives out of their participation in the Being A Leader And The Effective Exercise Of Leadership Course.

Results have now been posted here on the online Journal of Leadership Education.

From the study: 

Creating Leaders: A Pilot Pre/Post Evaluation of an Ontological/Phenomenological Model

This pilot is a pre/post comparative assessment of a leadership course developed and delivered using an innovative, ontological/ phenomenological model of education. Participants in the course delivered in Singapore in July of 2014 provided measures of the effectiveness of their leadership before and after the course, using a scale from 1 (least effective) to 10 (most effective).

Read the entire study and download the PDF here on the Journal of Leadership Education online.