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Integrity as a Foundational Element for Leadership

A Webinar with Dr. Michael Jensen

Integrity as a foundational element for leadership

Integrity is often used synonymously with morality and ethics, however Being A Leader Course authors and instructors Michael Jensen and Werner Erhard have developed and refined a new model of integrity.

Watch Part II of the webinar series “Integrity as a Foundational Element for Leadership” as Dr. Jensen engages with webinar guests to examine this new model of integrity and it’s applications.

Michael C. Jensen

Dr. Michael C. Jensen is the Jesse Isidor Straus Professor of Business Administration, Emeritus at Harvard Business School, and the co-founder, Chairman, Managing Director and Integrity Officer at Social Science Electronic Publishing. Dr. Jensen has played an important role in the academic discussion of the capital asset pricing model, stock options policy, and corporate governance. See Dr. Jensen’s full biography.