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The following is an excerpt of an article by business consultant and past Being A Leader Course participant, Gordon Starr, writing for The Blog on Huffington Post Business. View the entire article here.


By Gordon Starr, of Starr Consulting Group
Huffington Post Business | The Blog
July 21, 2015


[…] There exists a yawning chasm between the current state of the world and where we need to be and can be. One has to look no further than daily headlines to be appalled at our failure to utilize our vast resources and mind-boggling technology to have our world work. The crisis we face is a crisis in global leadership.

… It’s not difficult to conclude that our current knowledge-based, emulation-based leadership development methodology is insufficient for creating leaders who are a match for the daunting global issues we face today. According to a recent McKinsey study, CEOs say “context” is the #1 missing in leadership development. This leaves us with brilliant leaders in one situation failing to perform in another, while our world is presenting us with an unending stream of rapidly changing situations.

Fortunately, a nascent and revolutionary new approach — a disruptive technology, if you will — in the form of an emerging new science of leadership is on the horizon.

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