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In April 2016, the University of Pennsylvania hosted the first annual Bioethics Film Festival, as a way to celebrate of the way ethical issues are discussed in movies. One of the films showed during the festival was “Transformation: The Life and Legacy of Werner Erhard”.

After the film, Werner Erhard was interviewed by Professor of Medical Ethics and Health Policy, Dr Jonathan Moreno, discussing Erhard’s ideas, his career, his work, the way the controversies of the est program as well and its accomplishments affected society, as well as what he has been doing since the early days of est.

During the interview Erhard discusses the evolution of est into The Forum, moving on to the creation of The Being A Leader And The Effective Exercise Of Leadership Course, and how the course was introduced into academic institutions in USA and beyond.

When asked about his ‘gut reaction’ to the film “Transformation” after 10 years, Werner replies:

“…I can remember interacting with the people I saw me interacting with, and I have to tell you it was a very moving experience for me. To see the courage of people willing to be straight about what they’ve been crooked about in the past… I was moved by that. I thought that the people who were critical were good at doing what they did. They made the right kind of questions; I think they posed them as answers unfortunately”.

Later, commenting on the reactions of people who have participants in his programs, Werner goes on to say:

“When you can leave behind the way you would up being – when you are free to choose beyond the way you wound up being – that is so powerful an experience that you are likely to become over-enthusiastic about it.”


Watch the video above for the entire discussion with Werner Erhard and Dr. Jonathan Moreno, from the University of Pennsylvania Bioethics Film Festival. (Total 1 hour, 5 minutes)


Werner Erhard - Course Instructor

Werner H. Erhard is recognized worldwide as a business, management, and humanitarian leader. He has consulted for numerous corporations and charitable and governmental agencies. See Werner Erhard’s full biography.