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There’s such a strong focus today on how much we know. We’re paid for our ideas, counted on for our knowledge and required to add to what we know from a very young age.

When it comes to our leadership, how does what we know about leadership makes any sort of difference in our effectiveness as a leader?

Maybe leadership isn’t a function of what we know.

In the ontological and phenomenological model of leadership we’re not interested in what we know. Instead, we look at ways of being that give you access to being a leader and effectively exercising leadership as your natural self-expression. 


“Epistemological mastery leaves you knowing. Ontological mastery leaves you being, as in ‘being’ a leader.”

~Michael C. Jensen, Being A Leader Course author/instructor

The Ontological Approach

In the Being A Leader Course, participants are introduced to the ontological/ phenomenological model of leadership. As a result of their participation, they are left with not merely knowing more about leadership, rather with ways of altering who they are being and what they are doing, leaving them more productive, accomplished and fulfilled in leadership and life.

Discover the Power of Your Leadership in One Week

The Being A Leader Course is typically offered as a semester-long graduate level program in a university setting. Here the course is being offered to academic, organization and community leaders in various locations worldwide. Instructed by the authors and collaborators of the original material – Werner Erhard, Michael Jensen, Steve Zaffron and Jeri Echeverria, the course is made up of 11+ years of work from this instructor group and their colleagues.


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Michael C. JensenDr. Michael C. Jensen is the Jesse Isidor Straus Professor of Business Administration, Emeritus at Harvard Business School, and the co-founder, Chairman, Managing Director and Integrity Officer at Social Science Electronic Publishing. Dr. Jensen has played an important role in the academic discussion of the capital asset pricing model, stock options policy, and corporate governance.
See Dr. Jensen’s full biography.


Steve Zaffron CEO Vanto Group


Steve Zaffron is the founder of Vanto Group, a consulting firm specializing in the design and implementation of large-scale initiatives to elevate organizational performance. See Steve Zaffron’s full biography.



Werner Erhard - Course Instructor/AuthorWerner H. Erhard is recognized worldwide as a business, management, and humanitarian leader. He has consulted for numerous corporations and charitable and governmental agencies. See Werner Erhard’s full biography.

Kari L. Granger - Leadership Course Instructor and Author



Kari L. Granger (2008-2015) is a recognized performance leadership expert, consultant and coach.  She is a Fellow of the Center for Character and Leadership Development at United States Air Force Academy where she formerly held the positions of Assistant Professor and Chief of Transformative Education and Development.

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