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With all the other leadership training available, what’s distinct about the Being A Leader And The Effective Exercise Of Leadership Course?

The approach used in this program – the ontological and phenomenological models of leadership – leaves people actually being a leader, and actually exercising leadership effectively as their natural self-expression. This outcome is distinct from the leadership knowledge presented and meant to be understood in other leadership trainings, including formal business education.

“[With] most of our education… you get information downloads. I can have a head full of ideas, but that’s all I have is a head full of ideas.”

~ Udo Erasmus, Business owner, Founder – Udo’s Oil

Watch the original author and instructors Steve Zaffron, Michael Jensen, Werner Erhard, Kari Granger, Jeri Echeverria and their colleagues discuss this new approach to leadership, which gives people access to ways of being that they can be in any situationĀ and no matter the circumstance; ways of being that are one’s of a leader. This is what’s distinct about the ontological methodology used in Being A Leader courses from other leadership training.