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Who wants to be admired? ME! ME! Pick ME!!!

From the March 2019 BAL Newsletter We ALL want to be admired… and most of us will make all kinds of compromises to be admired. Why will we readily give up so much of our self-expression and so much integrity to gain admiration? Does admiration really equal “leader?”...

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Integrity When It’s Not Easy!

A story shared by Eric Edberg Eric is a Professor Emeritus at DePauw University and is delivering the Leadership Course in a medium security men’s prison through the University’s Center for Civic Engagement. On December 18th Eric shared the following via...

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MAY 2018 NEWSLETTER – You’ve Been Hijacked!

Alert! You have been Hijacked!! Did we get your attention? With all that is happening in the world and in our daily lives, we notice that we can frequently find ourselves off-course, reactive, upset, resigned and sometimes downright mad!! How about you? We notice that...

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Integrity: The 5 Step Process To Cleaning Up The Mess

Spring Has Sprung!! For many of us, Spring is a time of fresh starts, cleaning out the clutter, trimming the brush, and getting things in order. It’s time to make room for what wants to grow. As a team, we started looking for ourselves for some part of the Leadership...

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Leading the Leadership Course & Reinvention Inside Your Career

Melissa Vogel is an anthropologist by training and a Professor of Social Science at Clemson University in South Carolina. Melissa begins by sharing about being a busy mum of four stepchildren and one child. Previously, we exchanged a couple of emails and and without knowing a thing about her, I had made up my mind about…

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Silver Medal Winning Pentathlete: Confidence Doesn’t Depend on Recent Results

Art Turock started as an athlete in high school, and wasn’t in competitive athletics again until his mid-fifties. Today, four decades later at age 67, he has won 2 medals in pentathlon in national track competitions. One bronze medal came in the 2015 pentathlon at the USA Track & Field Masters Championship, where his point total earned an 8th place world ranking…

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An ‘ordinary’ woman takes action (not thinking) toward global politics

Helen McGreary is a dance teacher in Menai Bridge, a small town in Wales, United Kingdom. She’s not just your ordinary dance teacher, though. It may surprise you that Helen has become active at standing for people’s rights and taking on leadership even in moments when she thought it’s pointless. “I’m busy, I’m self-employed, I have lots of things to do… Many people get discouraged to try when such thoughts occur.” But Helen didn’t.

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Results Published for the Leadership Course Research Program

A team of researchers from Oregon Health & Science University lead by Research Associate Professor, Dr. Nancy Carney and course instructors Dr. Jeri Echeverria, Werner Erhard, and Dr. Michael Jensen, have been conducting a study to assess and document the results...

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