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MAY 2018 NEWSLETTER – You’ve Been Hijacked!

Alert! You have been Hijacked!! Did we get your attention? With all that is happening in the world and in our daily lives, we notice that we can frequently find ourselves off-course, reactive, upset, resigned and sometimes downright mad!! How about you? We notice that...

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An ‘ordinary’ woman takes action (not thinking) toward global politics

Helen McGreary is a dance teacher in Menai Bridge, a small town in Wales, United Kingdom. She’s not just your ordinary dance teacher, though. It may surprise you that Helen has become active at standing for people’s rights and taking on leadership even in moments when she thought it’s pointless. “I’m busy, I’m self-employed, I have lots of things to do… Many people get discouraged to try when such thoughts occur.” But Helen didn’t.

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Live Introductions in Mumbai: Sept 2016

Join us in Mumbai in September 2016 for an interactive introduction to this new model of leadership, “Leadership: It’s Not What You Know, It’s How You See”, a part of the Being A Leader And The Effective Exercise Of Leadership Course. Dinner and open networking to follow.

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