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Integrity: Without It Nothing Works

Integrity: Without It Nothing Works Webinar


It’s a word used commonly these days — often as something we or someone else has or doesn’t have. We’ve heard it before, “…he has enough integrity for the job” or “…she has a moral compass that never waivers”.

We hear and use integrity to mean a standard for ‘correct’ behavior, as with morality or ethics. But what if integrity wasn’t synonymous with morality and ethics?

What if integrity was something else?

In the words of Harvard Business School Professor Emeritus, Dr. Michael C Jensen, “Integrity is a matter of a person’s word – nothing more and nothing less.”

“Integrity is a matter of a person’s word –
nothing more and nothing less.”

Dr. Michael C. Jensen, Professor Emeritus, Harvard Business School

A New Model of Integrity

A group of colleagues got together — some of the greatest thinkers of our time — and set out to define a new model of integrity as it relates to us being a leader and effectively exercising leadership in all aspects of our lives. Once they developed this new model of integrity, they tried it out on an organization — and saw a 300% increase in productivity that lasted over time. This model of integrity became one of the foundational factors of the leadership program — The Being A Leader And The Effective Exercise Of Leadership Course. This exclusive 7-day leadership program is being hosted by Clemson University from June 12-18, 2016.

In the Being A Leader Course, when it comes to integrity, we look at an individual as being whole and complete when their word is whole and complete. And their word is whole and complete when they honor their word — and we can honor that word is two ways: first, by keeping our word, and on time as promised, and second: as soon as we know we wont keep our word, we inform all parties involved and clean up any mess we’ve caused in not keeping our word.

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Discover integrity, a foundational factor for leadership, as a part of the exclusive leadership program: Being A Leader And The Effective Exercise Of Leadership hosted by Clemson University, June 12-18, 2016.