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Being A Leader And The Effective Exercise Of Leadership:

An Ontological/ Phenomenological Model

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A New Science of Leadership

Our Course, Being A Leader And The Effective Exercise Of Leadership is a
leadership laboratory using a new science of leadership that employs
an ontological / phenomenological model.

Ontology: The science of the nature and function of being.

             (In this course the being of being a leader and the source of the actions of effective leadership.)


Phenomenology: A methodology that provides access to being and action as these are actually experienced and lived real time “on-the-court”. 

What this means for us as human beings


Participants of this Leadership Course discover that real leadership never means just a position, a title, time, money, influence, or any of the traits typically “required” to be a leader or produce the results of a leader. Instead of more knowledge about leadership, you will be provided with access to actually being a leader and exercising leadership effectively as your natural self-expression.

The Being A Leader Course was created by some of the top thought-leaders of our time.  By applying the ontological and phenomenological approaches to their study of leadership they have discovered actionable access to altering the way in which you occur for yourself in situations requiring leadership. This means you will naturally act as a leader WITHOUT having to remember what strategies or techniques to apply. Rather, you will be left being a leader and exercising your leadership effectively as your natural self-expression in any situation and no matter the circumstance.

During the course conventional ways of thinking will be challenged, new ways of thinking will emerge naturally, and you will find yourself naturally acting to create even greater success in the areas of life and leadership that matter most.

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Discover what more than1500+ academics, executives, managers, entrepreneurs, students and community leaders worldwide have discovered about
the power of their leadership.

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